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Valentine Baskets

February 4th, 2013 by Michelle

The weather is beautiful and we are ready for all the visitors.  Don’t forget that we do box lunches to take with you on your day trips or to the golf course.  We also do gift  basket to be delivered valley wide.  We are doing red heart bagels for Valentines Day.   They make a great gift to be delivered to you sweetie  office. Please check us out for breakfast or lunch.



Delivered Food Baskets

December 2nd, 2012 by Michelle

Are you tired of sending the same thing year after year for the holidays? Food is something everyone loves and is different that the same ol’. Bagels, Lox, Cream Cheese, Jam, Bagel Chips, Peanut Butter, and lots of holiday cheer is sure to put a smile on anyones’ face. We can make it as small or as large as needed. Don;t forget about you hairstylist, Doctors or a neighbor that has been extra kind this year. Bagel baskets are the perfect fit. We also have gift cards for your convenience.



Jeffery S.

Having tried many different bagel shops in the Valley I am always looking for better bagel. I guess I am spoiled having grown up in Brooklyn, the home of the best bagels, just my opinion and actually many others too. I decided to try Lox Stock and Bagel today and was not disappointed. The bagels are tasty and the texture is just right. The toppings on the bagels are generous, some places seem as if they count the sesame seeds. One bagel didn't even make it home. It was my reward for driving to get them. I am now a fan and will be making this the home of my bagels of choice. The early opening, 5:30 AM is also


Allison L.

After 5 years of searching over 3 different states, I have finally found my bagel place. Lox Stock & Bagel really has perfected the bagel sandwich. I ordered an Oreo cookie bagel with cream cheese and lox (yes an extremely bizarre but tasty request). The bagel was delicious! Even after putting the rest in the freezer, they still tasted delicious after being heated up. The owner even gave my roommate the remaining pastries from the previous day for free! She was so kind and extremely helpful. This is the only place in central Scottsdale to get bagels.


Sharon H.

Best bagels in arizona!! They blueberry bagels with blueberry creme cheese is amazing!! They are fresh daily, never hard or lacking flavor. They owners are amazing and the people definitely are friendly and remember me no matter how often or little I am in there. The prices are right and they will go above and beyond to toast your bagel exactly the way you want it! Even the young people there are very friendly and inviting!! Check it out and hit the gym next door, to keep that spare tire at bay! ;)